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NOX ATRA since 2010, previously Cutebone.

Collaboration with artist SELP.

cutebone x selp is slowness & whisper - moon & mother nature
handmade with love - fulfilled with darkness
paris - limited - MMV


Colliers, boucles, bracelets, couronnes, art paper /  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, crowns, art paper.
Unique & éditions limitées / One of a kind & limited editions.


Photos Helena Aguilar Mayans : site blog. Model Carlota.


Emballage et Art Paper dessiné & fait main par Selp.
Packaging & Art Paper by Selp.


Amalthée I, II, III, IV.

Tourmaline brute, résine, papier, dessin original.
Tourmaline, real drawing, ink and paper, resin.



Peony I, II, III, IV.

Résine, papier, dessin original.
Real drawing, ink and paper, resin.


Crowns - Necklaces
Couronnes - colliers.


Cérémonie Blanche.



Cérémonie Blanche - Cérémonie Noire.



Photos Aurélie pour Ampelopsis Photographie



Photos 6V6 & Ampelopsis Photographie.